Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I picked up Maggie Stiefvater's "Ballad" yesterday along with three other books. Love those moments at the Library when I find exactly what I'm looking for in less than 15 minutes. Score!

It was a good thing that errand took such a short amount of time as the other errands I had to run were all over town. In addition to visiting the library, I also stopped into the vets, Costco, the doctor's office, two pharmacies, Aldi's and hubby's office.  It was a busy morning.

Once I was home and had the laundry going and dinner cooking, I did read a bit of "Ballad" and let myself get pulled into Stiefvater's YA novel.  I really like this gal's writing.  This is the sequel to "Lament" and focuses on Dee's friend, James and his encounters with Faery.  Good stuff.  I'm on the waiting list to get the sequel to "Shiver", Stiefvater's werewolf story.

Today is the final soccer game of the JV season.  Only the younger daughter is playing in this match, but the older one is set on going, in war paint, and cheering on her teammates.  Should be an easy win for the soccer ladies and a nice way to close out the season.

Club soccer will start soon, but they will enjoy a few weeks off before the 'real' season begins. 

Happy Wednesday!!

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