Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new Alys Clare series

I love it when I find a new series of novels from an author I enjoy reading. I was totally excited to discover an Alys Clare novel on the new book shelf at the Library. I read several of Clare's books in her Hawkenlye series years ago. That series featured an amateur sleuth who was also an abbess. Good stuff.  This new series is set in medieval England just after William the Conqueror's death and our sleuth is a young girl from an ancient in she is not Saxon, or Norman but a true 'native'. The first novel, "Out of the Dawn Light" is a wonderful blend of magic, history, plot and character. I can't wait for the next two titles to learn more about young Lassair, her friend Sibert and their interesting families. I hope the library gets them, but if not, I've already checked online to see how much it would be to order them.

This book I just finished is number 84 for the year. I have 16 more to read before year end to hit the 100 mark.  Guess I'm on a mission.

My meeting went well. We were all in agreement. We didn't dissolve into complaining too much. We enjoyed a nice lunch afterwards. It. Is. All. Good.

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