Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mid week

Yesterday was a lovely day full of getting stuff done. I put together the genealogy binders for my mom, brother and grandmother. I finished wrapping all the presents I had to wrap. I listened to Christmas music, drank some homemade Chai and watched it rain outside my kitchen window.

I'm not sure what today will bring. A group of us had tentative plans to head down to Olive Branch for pie. Yep, I guess there is a really good pie shop there and we decided to check it out. I need to make some phone calls and see if we are still going.

I've enjoyed having the library closed...because I've been able to stay home. But, by tomorrow I'll be ready to head back over and restock the store.

Better go stir my oatmeal.....enjoy Wednesday, two weeks from today is Christmas Eve!

1 comment:

Kim Smith said...

Gasp! you came to North Mississippi???