Tuesday, December 23, 2008

day two

Good Morning from Germany....

So good to have comments from Anne and Michelle....today we are off for the Christmas markets in Strasbourg, France. It is about a 90 minute drive.  We were going to hit Luxemburg, but they've decided to go back the original plan.  No hurry to get there as the market is more lively later in the day.  I can't wait to spend some euro on neat Christmas things.

Slept like a dream...not sure if it was the melatonin I took, sheer exhaustion, or that glass of good red wine I had with dinner.

Scott slept well also and the kids are still in bed, so I think we will not have any jet lag issues.

Enjoying a great cup of coffee this morning from my brother's fancy coffee maker, that he can't bring back to the states as it runs on different hertz....he already has a buyer for it!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Hugs to all, Liz   


Michelle Moran said...

Oh... Strasbourg!!!!!! My husband and I visit every year, and I can never get enough of their half-timbered houses, their tiny streets, or their amazing cathedral.

Take lots of photos!!!

Kim Smith said...

Yes yes! Listen to Michelle. She knows what she is talking about *grin* LOTS of pictures!!

ps-- in case you do not post again on the day, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Scott and the babies. Lord we have GOT to go to lunch when you get back! the book made it up to #9~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mw4au said...

Merry Christmas Liz, from Louisiana! Sandy mentioned today that you were off on your German Christmas vacation! I visited that area 36 years ago. I'm sure it hasn't changed too much. Take lots of pictures and keep a journal.

Michelle W.

Liz said...

Yes, we are taking lots of photos....just have to upload them. The Cathedral was amazing...

Michelle W....so glad you stopped by, girl! Enjoy your Louisiana Christmas!

Michelle M.....we loved Strasbourg...that cathedral is so beautiful, breathtaking tapestries and stained glass and the architecture, wow.

Kim...I'm so proud of Avenging Angel's success...you deserve every bit of it! Hugs to you!!