Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Today I have a self indulgent appointment to keep which means I will miss our monthly Friends meeting. Never fear, I have emailed my thoughts on the 'hot topic' for today's meeting to several people and have asked our treasurer to give the bookstore report, so all is covered.

Later this week I have to finish the Christmas shopping. The older I get the more I hate the mall, yes, even our super nice new mall here in town. I just don't enjoy shopping, unless it is in Barnes and Noble. So, watch out those of you on my shopping list, your gifts may have a very common theme and place of origin. I could just say I'm doing my part to keep the publishing industry afloat for when I finish my book, get an agent and the book sells to a major New York house in a hair raising auction.

No, the cocoa at the square last night wasn't spiked.

Speaking of the square, we missed the tree lighting last year and my Christmas spirit suffered because of it. I was determined to haul the kids plus one of the kid's friends to the center of our historic district and see Santa turn on those lights. It is a magical thing to behold. The looks of pure joy and excitement on the little children's faces are so incredible. They glow just as brightly as that huge fir tree beside the gazebo. I'm in the spirit now.

I spent most of yesterday going through all the historical records I've found for my family tree project. This weekend the hubby and I will head into his office to make copies. I can see the end of this phase of the project. It will never truly be done, but I picked a stopping point and am going to stick with it so I can get these presents out the door. I can always add to the books as I find more information.


Anne's BLOG said...

A researcher friend of mine once said "A genealogy is never finished, only finished with."
So very true!

Kim Smith said...

I needed to be there. I have the worst case of Scrooge there ever was. It's the whole, "i want this" and "i can't get it" syndrome. sigh.