Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

My sister in law and I headed over to the base to do some shopping. So, I'm now officially in the DOD database...I even was fingerprinted and have a plastic ID card. Wow.

We hit the BX and then the small Christmas market there. I found some real treasures. I've always wanted Russian nesting dolls and Patti introduced me to Svetlana, a Russian gal whose family paints them. I bought for Christmas and one for year round. I love them. I also picked up some neat.

The commissary was wild...tons of people picking up things for the holiday. We came home with our purchases and proceeded to get ready for the rest of the day. We attended Mass at Landstuhl in the chapel. My nieces and nephew were in the children's program, so cute, and Mass was wonderful.

Came home and had our traditional wigela dinner, which is a Polish and Slovak Christmas Eve meal of mushroom soup, fish, potatoes, peas and assorted other interesting foods and traditions.  

So, now the wait is on for the Santa man......we are tracking his progress on NORAD!!

Merry Christmas to you all.......the next post will be from Paris:)  


Anne's BLOG said...

What a delightful day you must have had, with shopping, worshipping and visiting! And then tracking Santa all over the world! That fellow gets around real well to be as old as he must be.! :-)
Interesting name - BX. in the Old days it was PX (Post exchange). Still a good place to shop!
Paris...AHHHH !

Kim Smith said...

Fantastic following your trip, L. Keep us posted! Merry Christmas (again!)