Monday, August 18, 2008

what I'm going to attempt to do

After noodling over my at home schedule for this school year, I've decided to give the following a whirl in my attempt to really finish and put to bed the completed wip, complete the started wip, and move on from there.

Monday is going to be clean the house day. It is a fact of life that a family needs to live in a clean house.

Tuesday is at the library day. I have my bookstore commitment for another 14 months.

Wednesday is write my butt off day.

Thursday is write my butt off day.

Friday is errand day as it also coincides with music lessons.

Now, I do intend on writing besides just on Wednesday and Thursday, but it won't be the marathon sessions I plan. I can do marathon sessions, I have done them before. What I'm not good at is squeezing in an hour or less at the keyboard on other days.

We will see how this goes....of course, laundry has to be done every day. Kids have to be hauled, fed, advised etc. Off to rattle the oldest out of bed, the bus comes in an hour.

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