Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the buzz on Breaking Dawn

I was surfing around yesterday and stumbled across a movement encouraging readers to return the latest big YA book "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer to the bookstore where they purchased it. I guess folks are not too happy about how the series concludes. Of course my curiosity got the better of me and I read the articles in the NY Times and LA Times about the hub-bub. If the articles were accurate I now know the basic plot outline.

Can't say I'm suprised at all by how Meyer chose to wrap up the series given the major hints in the first three books and the author's background. Readers could see it coming if they paid attention. My teenaged neighbor read the book already and when asked what she thought she said it was totally predictable and not as good as the first three.

My oldest and I are waiting for the neighbor's mom to finish it so we can take our turns. I'm not a big fan of the direction the storyline has taken, but I'm also not one to spout off opinions unless I have read the book for myself.

One article contemplated whether or not the negative reaction to Breaking Dawn would translate into poor ticket sales for the movie of Twilight set to arrive on screens this fall. I sort of doubt it. Most of these young girls are pretty forgiving and they long to see Bella, Edward and Jacob on the big screen. I'll most likely go see the movie just to see if the director 'fixes' a few of the problems I had with the characters. Characters do change when they are translated from book to film and I wouldn't be suprised to see Bella get some much needed backbone.

I will post again after I've read the book.

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Kim Smith said...

I so have to go out and get these books. They are becoming a fan thing.