Monday, August 4, 2008

a week from today

School starts next Monday. Even though the Summer season lasts into September, for all real purposes, it is over on that day.

This summer was different. We were incredibly busy. In the past I've always guarded against over scheduling the kids. This summer, the schedule filled up before I even got the calendar and red pen out. It just happened, sort of like the sun rising in the morning. I had no control.

And as the oldest enters high school, my control over her schedule is evaporating. Soccer controls all for her right now. The other two kids' schedules are a bit more in hand still. But, the days are coming for them as well. The middle kid has soccer and the teen board at the library. The youngest has cub scouts and trying to stay on the straight and narrow path at school.

So, what do we do to squeeze the last bit of summer fun out of the next 7 days? The kids have been begging for a McDonald's run. I figure a movie is in line as well. Maybe a swim or two. Some evening strolls sound good. Simple things. Slow things.

Because come August 11, I need to put my running shoes on and gas up the van.

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Kim Smith said...

What is August 11?? First day of school? Okay I am reading ahead ... sorry I fell behind :)