Monday, August 25, 2008

diving in one paragraph at a time

Have you even watched an adult get into a pool? They are either jumpers or they are waders. Some folks stand on the edge and without sticking even a big toe in to judge the water temperature, just jump in and start swimming. Other folks first dip in a toe, then sit and put their legs in, splash the water onto themselves for a while and then finally ease into the shallow end. Maybe a half hour later they are swimming.

I am such a wader.

I went back and worked on Lani some more last week. I wrote a new scene that may or may not work at the beginning. I'm pretty convinced that what I had previously written needs to come a bit later in the story. This is a weird story. It is unfolding in my head with all the ease and smoothness of a piece of sandpaper.

Some time was also spend editing Maddy Blue. The goal for today, after I clean the house, is to edit four more chapters.

Also up this week is lunch with Kim. Can't wait to see ya, girl. I have two season opener soccer games to attend. Woot! And of course, I have to get ready for Labor Day. When we moved here five years ago, our first party was on Labor Day. We hosted a cookout and had the neighbors over. It is now a tradition. Setting the menu is a major deal and we always have enough food to feed way more than two families. I think my contributions this year are going to be Robert Redford dessert sometimes known as 'sex in a pan,' a BLT appetizer dip and seven layer salad. The neighbor is hosting and I think is going to smoke some chicken for our main course.

Darn, my mouth is watering!

I also finished reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" over the weekend. What an interesting book. I almost put it down about a fourth of the way through it, but I trudged on and was rewarded for my efforts with an amazing story, told in such a fresh voice and in an enchanting way.

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