Monday, July 20, 2015

the week ahead

Monday. Here you are, again.

I have to go in early and possibly stay late in order to make up time for being gone tomorrow. I'm going to attend the ribbon cutting for the library. Heck, I even went and bought a new dress for the occasion! Talbots had a sale going, and I picked up a cute dress for $60. Guessing it might be what I wear to the daughter's graduation next May. Yes, I had that thought as I was looking. Unreal.

Nice weekend. Quite a bit done, not nearly as much as last weekend, but enough. The house still needs to be cleaned, but hubby rearranged the garage so I can pull the van in now. First time since the house renovations began back in the Spring.

In other news, we finally watched "Gone Girl." Good movie. Wished I had read the book first!

Still super hot.

Off we go!

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