Thursday, July 9, 2015

and so it goes

The van is fixed and the price tag wasn't too awful. Yeah! What a relief. In other news, the boy has picked up a few volunteer shifts at the library. Service hours are always needed. He is making progress on his summer work and we learned yesterday that he earned a 5 on his AP world history test. Yippee!!

A few of us from work ventured over to the new Sprouts grocery store on our lunch break. Dangerous place, but the prices look to be good. Sampled a few things, strolled through the store, and laughed with folks stuck in aisles because it was so crowded. I think I will go next week and stock up on the sale items. They had some awesome $1 deals that would be nice to buy. This will be an easy stop after work and is much less expensive than Fresh Market on pantry staples. The meat counters were so crowded I didn't get a chance to check those prices, but did learn they have a 'wild game' section of frozen meats. Yes, saw ground kangaroo, wild boar (feral swine-ick), elk, and buffalo. The Aussie work friend was quite impressed with the kangaroo and said back home that is cheap meat. Interesting.

Okay. off we go on the walk. They've been promising rain all week, but it has yet to appear.

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