Wednesday, July 8, 2015

off she goes

My van is going off to the mechanic today. UGH. Got in yesterday and the a/c wouldn't turn on in the front. The blowers work in the back, but aren't cooling well. It was a warm drive to the office. The oldest will follow me to the garage and then take me back to get another car to drive for the day. Lovely. Just lovely. At least we didn't take this car to Florida and have this happen on a 7 hour drive!! This will be our fist big repair on my 10 year old Honda. Pretty good run.

Okay, in other news, a college friend is moving to my old hometown. I've already web introduced her to my two friends up there who have kids in the schools her two will be attending.

Been reading "The Falconer" at night. Good stuff. Steampunk and fairies. Nice combo.

Off we go. It's Wednesday!!

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