Monday, March 31, 2008

bitch & whine

The big spring book sale at the library is now behind us. We sold a ton of used books, donated a ton to Goodwill and I survived the experience without doing bodily harm to anyone. I think I managed to even keep my trap shut and not spout off any snarky comments. During times of stress my inner snarkiness surfaces....organizing a boatload of paperbacks, battling a sinus headache from the book dust and then trying to keep the bookstore operating equals stress. I just kept thinking about the one box I unpacked that set us all laughing. Beautiful black box with pink accents, nice lettering....from a liquor store....yes, I have found my next wine purchase. Bitch lie. Can just hear it now...."Do you have some of that Bitch wine??"

My household continued to function, kids got fed and hauled to where they needed to be. The tonsil kid is still in recovery mode, but we go for the post op visit tomorrow. Her throat still looks like a petri dish gone wonky. Nasty, but less nasty than it was 10 days ago.

No writing last week. I didn't even try. I didn't even read...too damn tired by the time I got home to crack open a book. Today I played catch up and cleaned the dog fur tumbleweeds blowing through the kitchen, scrubbed bathrooms and did six loads of laundry. Oh, and I went to the grocery store.

My exciting life......the rest of the week looks pretty open though....I have high hopes for opening Maddy Blue back up and working on it. I also had an epiphany about the YA book and may see what I can flesh out in that story. Both are still on my mind, just wish I could find the time.

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