Monday, March 10, 2008

plot threads tied up HERE

I bought Kim Harrison's "The Outlaw Demon Wails" last weekend at the store and finished it in short order. I love the world Harrison has created and posted last week about how much I admire her knack for creating such messy baggage carrying characters.

This latest book in the Rachel Morgan series serves as a bridge piece. Lots of information passed along to explain the who/what/when and where stuff. I don't think it is a spoiler to reveal that Kisten's murder isn't solved. Likewise, it isn't a spoiler to say we learn a whole lot more about Rachel and come to understand her on a whole new level.

All the regular characters are present and a new head vamp, Rynn Cormel, is introduced. All in all, the book will whet the appetite of Harrison's fans, but don't start here. This is definitely a back story type of book with just enough action to keep the reader engaged.

Up next, Carrie Vaughn's "Kitty and the Silver Bullet."

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