Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a total treat

I would have finished "Kitty and the Silver Bullet" in one afternoon, but I purposefully set the book down and prolonged the experience. Finished the last chapter and the epilogue this morning.

Carrie Vaughn's books just keep getting better. In this latest Kitty Norville book, we find our lovely werewolf headed back to Denver due to a family medical emergency. Not only does Kitty have to deal with a sick parent, but she also winds up embroiled in a vampire political power play that puts her in direct conflict with her old pack.

Vaughn doles out the action with a deft hand. With a generous dollop of conflict, great character reveals and witty dialogue, the latest Kitty book is the best yet. The next installment is due in the fall. I can't hardly wait.


Kim Smith said...

I am so jealous that you are reading! I have spring fever so bad I can do nothing but look outside and wish.

WRiting??? what's that????

Liz said...

Yep, reading away. I have another book to pick up at the library this morning, the latest Anne Rice. Look for a review on that one next week.

I've also been editing Maddy and just finished one run through. I'm about to map out the chapters and look at the story arc worksheet you gave me. I know of two chapter, right now, that are getting cut and replaced.