Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ready for fall

Last week was a tease of the fall weather to come. I guess that means this week is a flashback to the humid days of summer. It is sticky, muggy, warm, and gooey outside. Yuck. I'm ready for crisp, clear, grab a sweatshirt weather.

It will get here. I know that. Eventually, in a few weeks. I need to look at the forecast for T-town. Rain? Dry? Hot? Average?

Guess the daughter's roomie is going home for the long weekend, so we'll have the apartment to ourselves. Need to check with the other daughter about meals. Do they want home cooking (or is that apartment cooking by Mom) or to dine out? I did learn there will be no morning coffee as they don't have a coffee pot. WHAT?! lolz. Shouldn't be too shocked as I didn't drink java until I was a sleep deprived mom of two under two.

May have to get a Starbucks to go box and keep it for the weekend.

Speaking of coffee, mine is ready as is the paper.

Happy Hump Day.

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