Thursday, September 10, 2015

new series

I was so excited to pick up the first book in the new Kim Harrison series from the library. I'm about 5 chapters in and all is well! Wished I could have stayed up late and kept reading, but I stopped myself and went to bed.

In other news, the rain finally arrived. With a vengeance. And flood warnings. So far this morning it has been dry. No rain falling although the humidity is making the air quite thick.

We have quite the weekend to do list. One thing, we all need flu shots. I guess flu and even pneumonia are already making the rounds at the high school. Lovely. I texted the girls to remind them to get the shot and to be sure to get the quad and not the trivalent injection. That extra strain will be important this year.

Okay, off we go. And it is Thursday!!

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