Monday, September 14, 2015

reading update

While I'm working my way through older series that I now have access to via the TN READS program (yippee!!!!), I have also started two new series. Kim Harrison's "Drafter" was such a good read. Twisty turny plot, cool characters, mind bending timelines, and Harrison's crisp voice all rolled into one delicious novel. Fun Stuff. I also, while placing holds on several books in the READS portal, stumbled on a series by Chris Farnsworth about a vampire who is blood bound to the office of the Presidency. I'm tearing through the first book. I believe there are two more about Nathaniel Cade and his handler, Zach. Looking foward to them! All of this reading, due in part to the access I have to our expanded ebook offerings, has bumped my yearly totals up in a quick fashion. And, it is moving the library stats on ebook checkouts as well. In the last reporting period, 1,000 more titles were checked out!! That is awesome.

Productive weekend around here. The cooler weather inspired me to get my fanny in the kitchen and cook some meals for the week. Speaking of cool weather, I will need a jacket this morning, It is below 60 out right now. Wowsa.

Football results were mixed: the Tide rolled, the Irish eeked out a victory but lost their QB for the season, and the Vols lost a heartbreaker.

Had a nice time at the neighbors. Always fun to visit and share a meal with them. Why we don't do it more often was a topic of conversation. Seems so hard to schedule at times. Next time it will be at our house.

Happy Monday!

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