Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walking walkers

The spring walking season is underway. I've managed to walk in the morning before work as well as on my lunch break for two days now! Nothing to truly celebrate about, but I do feel better and I'm not enduring the afternoon drowsy spell that seemed to be hitting on a regular basis.

And, I woke up early enough to blog today. Hi, Mom!!

In other news, the house renovations continue. We do have a new sink and running water in the kitchen. Yeah!

In other, other news, I may have picked up a nail in my tire. I'm guessing a stray nail in the driveway from the new siding installation. Lovely. I filled the tire up yesterday and will check it this morning. May mean a detour to either Costco or our local mechanic to have it checked out.

I'm reading again!! Started the second of the Robin LeFevers book, "Dark Triumph." Not bad. I managed to check out this title and the third in the series via the library's digital service. Very cool.

Off we go into Wednesday. Midweek. Yippee!

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