Thursday, May 14, 2015

a relaxing morning

I'm looking forward to Saturday. I think, fingers crossed, that I can start putting my house back together again that day. The flooring is finished. The island should be painted soon. More on that in a minute.

I'm tired of the boxes, the stacks, the furniture in odd places, the whole sense of construction that has been our vibe for a month now.

The island is going to be painted next and that is more or less the final touch. We had selected a color, but when they painted a drawer front, I realized it was not as dark as I wanted it. I picked a new color and let the contractor know.The paint store can retint that batch of paint and they should be ready to roll, spray, brush or whatever technique they are using. Yipee! It's going to look great. I pinned a few pics on Pinterest of the color choice on an island. Of course those kitchen don't look exactly like mine, but the idea is black island, white cabinets.

So, while Saturday will not be a relaxing morning, afternoon, or evening....looks like Sunday might be!

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