Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a new normal, for a bit

Today marks the start of a new normal for us, at least for the next month. We took the boy off to a local university for his month of "summer college for high school students." He will be taking two classes: microeconomics and logic/critical thinking. His roommate is a young man from Mexico. Very diverse group of students from all over the country and world. The program takes up to 200 for each session. They attend class with university students and are expected to work along side them as if they were freshman in college instead of juniors in high school.

He was nervous, excited, eager, anxious and ready to get started. His counselor for the month is a PhD candidate in Economics. He is also Greek!

The ladies will both be at their summer internships starting today. The oldest began yesterday. She has an official name badge and a 10% discount on groceries. LOL. Will save us the sales tax for the summer. Sweet.

The younger girl is back at town hall for the summer, but will be paid this time around. Sounds like they have several projects for her to work on in various departments. Good!

So, poor Duke will be having a new normal as well. His people won't be around to wait on him.

Off we go!

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