Thursday, May 28, 2015

out of the groove

I seems to be a bit out of the groove when it comes to blogging. Took a bit of a break and now that I'm inclined to start back up again, I'm having trouble collecting my thoughts. Or at least identifying thoughts that I want to blog about. So, here are some very random observations.

Right now in my world, the boy's alarm is going off. I need to truck upstairs and unplug the darn thing.

The birds are singing. The hummingbirds are feeding. The sun is trying to peek through a fairly heavy cloud layer. We may see rain today. The paper has been fetched and the Dukie-dog has been given his treat and his breakfast.

Today at work I need to load all the content for the June issue onto the website. And I need to load the digital edition as well. And I need to load a response to a USDA-APHIS petition from my committee.

It is Friday eve. The hubby's birthday weekend nears.


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