Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I saw a photo/cartoon on someone's Facebook post today reminding everyone that Christmas is only 120 days away. If that is true, yikes!

Back when the kids were little and the gifts were not as expensive as they are now, I would have the majority of my shopping done before Thanksgiving. Now, as they only get a few bigger ticket items, the shopping is never done before Thanksgiving.

Thinking of gifts, what to buy, where to buy it, and all the other logistics can take the fun out of the festivities.

I am going to take time off again this year around the holidays, but not until after Christmas. I'm saving days for our trip in March. I will still have a nice stretch of time off, but I would imagine the week of the 24/25 will be pretty quiet around the office.

It is anything but quiet right now as people are starting to pack for the national meeting and the work load has increased as we try and get things ready to go to print.

It has been kind of crazy. Yikes.

Happy Wednesday.

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