Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the spreadsheet of doom

We have a spreadsheet of doom at the office. It contains all the items we have to create, update, edit, print, publish, and promote for the National Meeting. It is color coded. It has places for notes. It runs our lives from June until October.

I will be so glad when every line is filled in with green and I can save it one last time and put it away until we begin prepping for 2015.

We have begun promoting the new meeting app. Just a few things are out there as of now, but more will be coming this week and the weeks ahead. I look at this product as a challenge. Sort of like how I viewed the promotion of the awards. We increased awards nominations by 70% this year. We need huge download numbers for this app.

So, time to get creative. Time to get persistent. Time to reach out into social media and get our members to click.

Happy Wednesday.

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