Wednesday, July 30, 2014

schedule acquired

We picked up the boy's schedule and bus stop assignment. Completed both tasks in record time and were back home early enough for me to relax a bit before my board meeting.

He has his Latin teacher from last year: good.
He has the famous Algebra II Honors teacher: Awesome
He has the famous Dr. C for English II Honors: Awesome

The rest of them, while the girls knew of them, they never had them. I was hoping for the Chem I Honors teacher we have known since we moved here, but she is teaching different Chem classes now.

Three out of four is not bad.

The bus stop is in a weird location, but that can be changed if needed. Have to see how the bus comes into the neighborhood.

In other news, I am now the Chair of the Library Board.

The girly made it home from DC in fine shape and had stories to tell of her adventures.

Happy Wednesday!!

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