Monday, July 28, 2014


Another new week is here. I imagine that it will be a quick one. I have a library board meeting Tuesday and the boy has registration at the high school Tuesday as well. We have a farewell lunch at the office for the two Melissas on Friday.

So, this is really our last week of summer. That is hard to believe.

We stopped by Target after church yesterday to pick up the first round of school supplies. While the grade schools and middle schools give out lists well before the first day, the high school never has. The kids have to wait to see what the teachers will require. At this point, after have two finish high school, we have a pretty good idea of what they will want. So, instead of joining the hordes next Monday night, I have already shopped for the boy. I'm sure there will be some odd ball things we need to pick up, but we can wait until the frenzy subsides before we try and procure those items.

Off we go into the week. Summer's farewell tour. Think we need to make it special.

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