Thursday, July 24, 2014

new computer

My old HP laptop finally kicked the bucket. I now have a new to me laptop! Very excited, but reminded of how comfortable I was with my well used computer. While hubby did the major moving of files and programs, I had to set up the desktop and make things feel like home.

I'm sort of finished with that process, but want to do a few other things before I say all is well.

Change is hard. Even changing computers is hard. As we slide into the start of a new school year, I've been reminded of that fact every day. Makes for some melancholy moments. But, we keep on trudging along and doing the best we can. New things, new people in our circles, new is what keeps life interesting if we don't focus on what used to be and focus instead on what is going on right now.

The oldest jets off to see her best friend for a long weekend. The middle one is winding up her internship at town hall today. The youngest is completing his AP World History summer work. Hubby and I are mired in work at our offices.

The dog days of summer, while not over on the calendar, are coming to a close for our household.

Change is afoot. School is about to begin. University move in dates loom. Life is going to change, yet again.

It is good.

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