Wednesday, February 19, 2014

chilling out

Even though yesterday was a Tuesday, the Monday attitude was around. Quiet day at work. Folks just don't talk much that first day of the work week.

The work on the magazine continues as we finished up what we could and sent it back to our graphic designer. She will finish placing the ads and check for any weirdness that may have been created on the pages as we combined all the files into one document. We are at 68 pages for this issues, which makes this our largest one yet.

I need to print a hard copy today. Time to do another round of proof reading and to share it with the executive director. By this time, we are pretty 'blind' to the whole thing and it is hard to find mistakes. I know they are there, but after you have read this thing through 10 times, it is easy to miss stuff.

I am also putting together a birthday package for the oldest. She will be 20 next week. Whoop! I have two boxes of girl scout cookies to send her and need to throw a few more fun things in to make sending the package worthwhile.

Think I will hit up Target on my lunch break, but I need to go with a list in hand so I don't wander the store for a half hour and buy nothing.

Happy Wednesday!

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Kim Smith said...

Be sure to use cash at Target. I was one of the poor fools who was caught up in the debacle over the holidays. Sheesh.