Wednesday, February 26, 2014

when the first one leaves the teen years behind

Our first baby turns 20 today.

It was such a momentous event when she became a teen. It is one of those birthdays, sort of like the tenth birthday, that stands out. You enter 'double digits' then you become a teen. Those years last a long time it seems, but then suddenly you are 20.

When she was a home a few weeks ago we talked about this new decade she was about to enter. A lot can happen in your 20's. You can finish college, start grad school, marry, maybe have kids, buy that first house, and the list goes on and on.

I think if you would ask most people, the decade of their 20's was pretty action packed. A lot goes on in that ten year stretch. So many many many wonderful events and opportunities are packed in that time frame.

We are so proud of the young lady she is and are so excited to see what the next decade brings for her. You don't get a do-over in life, but if you have children you do get to see life unfold for them and experience a bit of that excitement again.

So, here is to you, my wonderful "Boodle!" May you have the best birthday and as you start on this new decade, enjoy each and every opportunity life throws at you! Shine bright, sweet girl!!

Love you to the moon and back.


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