Wednesday, December 8, 2010

yippy skippy

My to do list has now been all crossed off. Yeah!!  I have a few things to do tomorrow, but today will be an 'at home' day as I have a few small things to do as well as finish the book I'm reading and make a big pot of chicken and dumplings for supper tonight.

My current book is the latest Bailey Ruth story from Carolyn Hart. Bailey Ruth is a ghost, or as she puts it, a heavenly emissary.  She is sent earthside by the Dept. of Good Intentions to help solve mysteries.  My friend, Anne, suggested these books to me, and I've enjoyed them. I'm going to miss chatting about this latest adventure with her. In fact, Anne would be a great heavenly emissary and I'm sure she'd be a great candidate for the Dept. of Good Intentions.

I got an email and a phone call from B&N yesterday. The big book order for the Anne Babin Book Club in a Bag program is on its way. I really hope we can make a go of this endeavor. Once the library gives me the green light to go public, I am going to put a huge effort into this. Huge. Whatever it takes. 

Off to enjoy the, a book, maybe a movie and a closet or two to bring under control.

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