Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the art of making lists

Apparently I'm not alone when it comes to list making. I posted a comment on facebook about the simple joy I feel when I am able to cross a line item off my to do list. Ahhh. That sweet feeling of accomplishment. Nothing like it. Several of my friends agreed as they are list makers too.

A long time ago, Franklin planners used to be all the rage. Folks would go out and buy a special calendar book and then try to prioritize their day and their to do list with an ABC ranking system. Don't know what sort of business Franklin is doing this days. I'd imagine that the smart phone technology has put a major crimp in their business, but perhaps they've developed a Franklin app, and all is well in their world.

I never used the Franklin system, even though one of the banks I worked for at the time of its heyday offered a seminar on the concept.  I just stuck with plain notebook paper, a pencil and a plan.

You write down the stuff you need to do. Then you go and get it done. Cross the items off the list. Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. Start it all over again as needed.

Now, granted, not every day needs a to do list. But, there is something very tangible about writing down what you need to accomplish and seeing those words stare back up at you from the paper. I feel more accountable when I have a list in hand.

My list yesterday had only two things left on it by the time my girls arrived home from high school. I should finish those two things today along with a few other things I need to do. And if all goes well, I can sit down and enjoy a cuppa tea, a cookie and a bit more of the latest Carolyn Hart mystery later today.

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