Friday, December 10, 2010

all caught up

I made a to do list at the beginning of the week and I'm happy to say, it is all checked off and I'm caught up. I had a variety of small rather boring housekeeping tasks to accomplish. I'd put them off for months, but finally, as the year is coming to a close, I managed to get them started and finished. Yeah!

It feels good to know that my desk is purged of papers that are no longer needed or wanted. It feels good to know that the check book is balanced, and no I didn't let that go all year, just a few weeks. It feels wonderful to have compiled a fresh list of my wallet contents. The house is relatively clean. The laundry is under control. Bags of old clothes have been donated to Goodwill. Things are in their proper places and in good order.

My dearest friend and I were talking the other day and she said she recently told her husband that they needed to move. Why, he asked. Well, she said she needed the motivation to purge the house. Yep. We all tend to accumulate things, even the most diligently organized person winds up with cupboards that are filled with things that are no longer used or needed. It just happens.  We talked about "Toss it Tuesday" and "Throw Away Thursday". That is a concept a friend from high school uses to keep her home under control. One drawer, one closet, one bin at a time.  Slow and steady. A constant vigil.

I need to tackle two cupboards today as the plastic cups and containers that find their way there have seem to multiplied to the point where they spill out if the doors aren't properly closed. Into the recycle bin they will go. I have no need for 24 Booya's cups and 18 lunchmeat containers. Nope.

Next week is the mad dash to the end of the semester for the girls. The boy has an easier time, one speech to deliver and then party time for him.  I have a lunch scheduled with the library director. It will be what it will be. Then we will be on holiday and begin the Christmas baking. I'm looking forward to that and am going to coerce the kids into helping.

It is good to have a plan. It is even better to see the plan fall into place.

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