Thursday, December 9, 2010

wrapping it up

I'm a sucker for pretty paper, nice bows and beautiful gift tags. Heck, I'm a sucker for pretty boxes, packages, gift bags etc.  Those folks who work to make containers look good...I'm their audience. Sometimes it doesn't matter what is inside the package. How the package looks is what is most important. Crazy, right? 

I bought the most gorgeous wrapping paper last year for this Christmas. It is a beautiful cranberry red with white snowflakes and elegant black script. Simple, classic, so pretty.  I also bought red, black and white ribbon to use.  I've wrapped all the kid's presents thus far and haven't tagged one of them. I've color coded the ribbon so I know which gift goes to which kid.  It is our most recent holiday game.  The presents look stunning under the tree. Love it.

Today I will finish shopping for them as well as for my two nieces and nephew. Very fun stuff indeed.  More presents to wrap and make pretty.

The latest read, as I wrap up this year's books, is "Ghost in Trouble". This is the third Bailey Ruth Raeburn book by Carolyn Hart. Bailey Ruth is at it again, helping to solve another murder in her beloved Adelaide, Texas. Hart is an accomplished and experienced writer.....comfort food for the mind. I enjoyed the story.

Up next is another  mystery, but this is a more historical piece, and I think it might be a debut book.

Happy Thursday.


haydenblair said...

I completely understand...I'm a sucker for all things wrapping paper, gift tags, tissue, gift bags, and stationary too! Can't resist. That is also why I am the current owner of over 26 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper....too much!!!

Liz said...

I have so many half used rolls of paper under my bed, it is insane. I think as the kids have aged, their presents have gotten I just don't go through the paper!! What is your excuse?? Hahahah!!

haydenblair said...

because every time I see a roll of paper that I like, I buy it!!! and I need to stop!