Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the right foot

What a great day we had yesterday!  Both girls made the high school soccer team. Yeah!!!!  Lots of smiles and very happy faces all around.  Older daughter had a good day at GK camp. Younger daughter had a good day at VBS with her kiddoes. Youngest had 'the best day ever' at middle school camp learning about his new trumpet, getting ready to make a web-comic and learning to build a bird house.  I had a wonderful 4 hours of silence, laundry and light housework.

We then hit the pool for a few hours. I'm back to reading the Percy Jackson series.  I plan on making it to the library today to pick up a book I placed on hold. Should be either a Sarah Addison Allen or a Laurell K Hamilton.

Plus, the weather was beautiful and it seems that we are starting off this week on the right foot. More soccer ahead, more VBS to come, and more hours to meet new friends at middle school. 

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