Monday, June 14, 2010


It had been a while since I found a YA novel I was eager to read. When I was able to check Lauren Kate's "Fallen" out of the library, I was pretty excited.  And as I delayed reading this one, I will only have to wait a short while for the sequel as it will be out in just a few months instead of a year.

But the ironic thing is, until I read the last few pages, I wasn't sure I'd be interested in reading the next installment. Yep, the author got me at the end.

The bare bones basics of the story are pretty common. Possible love triangle, lots of secrets and hidden agendas among a group of kids at a reform school.  Luce (Lucinda) has been sent to the Cross and Sword School for two reasons. Her last date died in a fire and it looks like she set it and she sees weird inky black shadows following her.  So, she appears to be a pyro and a psychotic.  Good stuff.  Of course, she's not, but what about all the other kids at the school. Are they who they seem to be or are they much more?

The story was a bit predictable, but the ending was very solid and very intriguing. Based on those last five pages I will be looking forward to the next title arriving in September.

Up for today, oldest kid gets to have all four of her wisdom teeth extracted. Soccer drama continues to unfold for some of the girls as an unheard of 3rd tryout is tomorrow. Of course after chatting with the coach who called us, my kiddo is excused with the admonition to rinse with lots of salt water ....also, off the record and you didn't hear it from me, her position is secure and we will be getting the confirmation phone call regarding that later in the week. The additional tryout is for field players more than keepers. So, she is all good and will be playing for the coach she wanted to play for.  Good things!!

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