Friday, June 11, 2010

the girl who chased the moon

I love Sarah Addison Allen's books.  "The Girl who Chased the Moon" is a wonderful, well written story, full of great themes, and good characters.  Her books are so vivid. You can feel the magic.  Yummy. Who knew that finding yourself could involve baking and a good pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich?

Now, of course, I'm craving good barbecue and an awesomely decadent layer cake.  I'm not going to try and recap the novel, just go and check out one of Allen's three books. Give yourself a no calorie treat.

Up next is Lauren Kate's YA novel, "Fallen."  Love, love, love the cover of this book. Very dramatic!!

Glad it is Friday. The busy week is winding down and we slide into a slower pace as the oldest gets all four of her wisdom teeth extracted on Monday and the rest of us just hang loose while she heals.  We are also waiting for the phone to ring with the results of the club soccer tryouts.  We actually got a phone call from a fellow parent last night regarding the oldest kid.  This mom and dad were at tryouts to watch their daughter, who will be one of the high school varsity captains. They called to let us know how good our daughter did.  It was a wonderful call to get.  The younger daughter is a bit concerned as she counted 8-10 'new' faces at tryouts. Every so often players from other clubs test the waters and see if things wouldn't be better for them in another program. This makes everyone nervous and can lead to some real drama.  I'm sure it will all work out just fine, but until the phone rings, the girls will be a bit edgy.

Enjoy the weekend.

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