Tuesday, April 8, 2008

everyone and their mothers, or the debut book by Patrick Rothfuss

Hubby and I ate dinner out Saturday night to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Yeah us! After gorging ourselves we strolled over to B&N in an attempt to browse off all that yummy Italian food.

I made a beeline for the new paperbacks and was excited to find a big brand new fantasy novel. The beast clocks in at 722 pages. If that wasn't enough to give me pause, the number of blurbs this debut novel racked up sure as hell did. Everyone and their mothers blurbed this book for Patrick Rothfuss....from Terry Brooks, to good old Ursula K., to Tad Williams and Orson Scott Card. I bought it.

The novel in question is "The Name of the Wind." I haven't started to read it yet as I had to finish the third book in Westerfeld's series so the oldest could get to reading it today. Not sure if I will crack it open today. The abundance of rain we've received of late is holding off and I thought I might do a bit of weeding and some other outdoor gardening things. Once the rain moves back in, as it is forecast to on Wednesday, I will dive into this new voice in the epic fantasy realm and share my thoughts.

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