Monday, April 21, 2008

blog memes and published articles

Okay, is the requested book bit for the meme you posted. Page 123, the following three sentences after the fifth sentence on that page, from Cecilia Holland's "Varanger."

"Pledges to an infidel. You know Dobrynya cannot be trusted." Rashid's voice was slick as fish meat.

On other blogging fronts......the article I wrote promoting our bookstore appeared in a very spiffy magazine insert in Sunday's paper. I'm listed as a contributing writer and all! Very fun indeed. This topped off our wonderful soccer weekend. The girls placed second in their tournament. About gave me heart palpitations....first game was a 2-2 tie, second game was a 1-0 loss and in that game the middle daughter was carried off the field. She recovered over night and helped her team to a 2-1 win in the third. Older daughter was hurt in that game, rangered up and helped keep the momentum going. What a tourney!

Off to the bookstore today to train two new volunteers.....going to be a pretty week here in C'ville. I may dig in the dirt a bit later on.....

On the fiction writing front....nothing to report other than I did edit more last week. I'm still plugging away, slow and steady. Nothing spectacular, nothing glorious, but I am making progress.

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Kim Smith said...

I got some writing done! yay! I am so close to the end! I cannot wait!!!