Sunday, April 13, 2008

chai, chat and crime

I could hardly wait to order my venti chai today at B&N, especially after I saw my favorite barista was working and he makes one mean skinny chai latte. While I sipped down that bit of heaven in a glass, I caught up with my fellow writing buddy, Kim Smith. Miss Kim snagged herself a publisher and her first cozy mystery novel is going to debut in the fall. We had a ball chatting away....something we hadn't fit into our schedules for too long.

She offered me some words of wisdom, a shoulder to sigh on, and a kick in the pants to encourage me to keep writing. Just what I needed.

When the well is running is good to have someone like Kim to fill it back up! Check out her site at.....

1 comment:

Kim Smith said...

Sniff sniff... I miss you already !! You are a great person and a wonderful writer, you don't really need any kicking, hun, you just need time and space to create. hugs!!