Tuesday, April 22, 2008

book vs.movie

Even though "Blood and Chocolate" published way before my YA library days, I kept a fresh copy in our collection. I read it and enjoyed it and figured the other kids out there would like it too. Thwarted romance, high school angst, werewolves, fights...Ms. Klause covered it all with panache. So, even though I had read the horrible reviews about the movie based on that book, I checked it out from the library yesterday. I also checked out Beowulf and Becoming Jane. How is that for an eclectic viewing collection? The girls and I watched it last night after Gossip Girl...our mega guilty pleasure.

The movie deserved the bad reviews...the only cool part...the way the loupe garou (sp.?) transformed from human to wolf. The whole sparkle-shimmer thing appealed to me. Other than that, even the adorable Hugh Dancy couldn't save this mess. I'm going to have to get the book into the daughters' hands quick lest they think the movie even remotely resembles this very readable and highly entertaining YA book.

Back to Gossip Girl...a cheer went up when we learned new episodes are on the way. I've not read this series, although they are often checked out from the library, much like the Clique books are. I love the show, much like I love Doritoes....both are bad for you, but everyone needs a guilty pleasure.

Visited the eye doc today. No bifocals yet, but my eyes are still a bit dilated...no reading for me and typing is a bit of a challenge. So, it looks like an afternoon of TV.


Kim Smith said...

I have read several of the GG books, pretty heady stuff as an old vermin goes :D

I am reading LB's Two Way street. REALLY GOOD! I am enjoying it a lot. You gotta read it.
miss ya!

Dwight Wannabe said...

And what was your take on Becoming Jane?

Liz said...

Answered on a later blog, but the Jane movie got returned to the library unseen.....