Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I started working on National Meeting materials yesterday. Yikes. The meeting is in November. Yes, it is that time. This will be the first year I take the lead on these projects and it is a bit intimidating. But, it will all get accomplished and things will be just fine.

We've arranged for the boy to come home for a visit/weekend. Opting out of the Nashville trip, he'd rather spend some time at home. Sounds good to me. So, hubby will drive down and get him on a Friday afternoon and then we will take him back on Sunday. After that weekend, he will only have two weeks to go until the session wraps up. It will be interesting to hear his stories and to see what grades he earns in those two classes.

In other news, it is a crisp 61 outside this morning. Hope that means we will see the sun today as the cloud layer has moved out and some clear skies have moved in.

Off we go! Hump Day!

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