Thursday, June 25, 2015

wednesday do over

While today is Thursday, it is going to be a repeat of Wednesday for me. I have to work on Saturday. Once a year the association leadership comes to town to meet, set goals, network, and socialize. This Saturday is that time.

So, I'll be at the office on Saturday from 7:30 until we are finished and then I'll go home, get hubby, and head downtown for the dinner portion of the event. At least he can come with me and we can make a date night out of it.

I'll have Sunday off and then back to work on Monday. I do get a comp day, which I will take on Thursday. Six days on, one day off, three days on, 4 days off. By the time we are well into that first full week of July, I'll be truly out of sorts!

Off to walk. The birds are singing. The heat is rising.

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