Friday, October 26, 2007

what I've not been doing since last saturday

Rather than make a list of what I did this past week, I thought I'd make a list of what I haven't done this past week. No, I haven't had my coffee yet......although the aroma is wafting up to me as I type.

I didn't write in either WIP although I did open them, read the first paragraphs and then I didn't post either to the wonderful Mr. Nathan Bransford's contest. Although I had fun reading everyone's entries, especially the ones from the folks who entered the Fabo First Line Contest and the entries from the folks I know via their blogs, like Dwight and Paperback Writer.

I didn't finish reading a book. This is extremely rare for me. I went a whole week and didn't finish a book. Slacker.

I didn't go to the bookstore Wed or Thurs. Feeling a bit like a woman denied chocolate for a week. It is time for me to step back and let the volunteers fend for themselves a bit. My fingers were a bit cramped from all the hand holding I've done over the last two weeks.

I didn't have to haul kids to any fields. I also didn't see the sun this week. I think my SAD is kicking in and I may have to look for a sun lamp soon, or eat more chocolate.

Next week I have company arriving, Halloween to survive and bookstore coupons to deliver to the various local schools. I will have a much longer 'did' list than 'didn't' list next Friday.

Enjoy the weekend:)

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