Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Dreamquake" by Elizabeth Knox

I scooped up the sequel to "Dreamhunter" this past week at the library. Elizabeth Knox has created a captivating and original stories in her "Dreamhunter Duet" series. I strongly advise reading "Dreamhunter" before reading "Dreamquake." You'll be lost if you don't, as she spends almost no time on backstory.
The basic premise is that dreams can be caught in a region called 'the Place' and then transmitted to other people as a form of therapy, entertainment and even punishment. The sequel tackles the heavy questions of fate, time and the composition of reality. Not your run of the mill Young Adult themes. Knox's writing is loaded with detail but she manages to keep the plot moving and our heroine, Laura Hame, overcomes incredible obstacles during her journey to discover the true nature of 'the Place.'
The two books are written in a fairly sophisticated style and involve as much internal action as external. Although they are classified as YA, I found them to be more challenging than most fantasy offerings for that age group.
Up next, I found a paperback Lee Child book at the store last week and figured a few hours spend with Jack Reacher would be fun.

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