Tuesday, October 30, 2007

new and used

I finished the Lee Child book I picked up in the bookstore last week. "Persuader" was filled with tons of action, amazing feats of daring do and lots of bullets, blood and bad guys. Those books have to be bad for a reader, just like eating too many donuts is bad for anyone.

The bookstore is sailing along and our first three weeks is complete. We sold over $1750 in materials, a total of 1500 items walked out the door. And the donations keep rolling in, this project hasn't put a dent into our inventory of books. I'm off to drop coupons at the school this week. We're giving the teachers a free small paperback, of course in hopes they come in and buy more. I think I've got about 400 coupons to distribute. I'm so curious to see how this 'promotion' is received. If we get 100 back, I'll be amazed. I need to put my marketing cap and on come up with some other ways to promote our store. My brain is filled with a few sketchy ideas, but some time to really sit and think them out is a priority for next week.

My mother in law arrives today, so I have to take care of another neglected household duty before the wheels of that jet touch down. Yes, I off for Sam's Club. Time to restock the pantry as this buying ingredients one meal at a time has me a first name basis with the stockers at the local grocery store.

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