Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The orange con-man was able to lie and bully his way into the White House. In three word sentences, he successfully appealed to the lowest common denominator in American culture and turned out the white vote. Voters who feel that this country has dealt them a raw deal. Voters who have hated the fact that a black man dare to occupy the White House. Voters who drank the rancid punch he has been peddling for months.

And here we are. What to do next? Of course, the House and the Senate stayed "red." So, the Republicans control the whole enchilada...oops, are we allowed to say that anymore? Not sure if those will be allowed over the WALL.

Sick to my soul. Sick of those who spout their Christianity and then pull the lever for a man who is the least moral, ethical, and religious candidate in possibly forever.

Disgusted. But, determined. We must not be silent. We must stand up and hold these officials accountable for every decision they make or do not make. We must stay informed. We must not quit. We must not marginalize those that so many have labeled as the "Other" among us.

We can survive this. We must survive this.

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