Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Santa is not the only one with lists this time of year. I have made a list and am checking it daily. Well, sometimes I check it hourly. First task off the list: what sweet treats to make this year. Second task: get the Christmas cards ready to mail. Third task: inventory the gift wrapping supplies.

It is always a good feeling to cross through items on a list. The only problem with my list is that as I accomplish tasks, I create more tasks.

So now I need to make the grocery list for the treats and purchase them and then make/bake them. I need to actually get to the post office, buy stamps, and mail the cards. I need to purchase more wrapping supplies and then wrap the gifts.

Yes, I have crossed things off and created more things to do. Not the way it is supposed to work, but that is how it works for me.

But the big thing I am doing today is, barring any unexpected problems, to attend the tree lighting at the square tonight. And, starting tomorrow I can drive to work via the square and get my morning dose of holiday cheer.

It is all good stuff. Whether it is on a list or not.

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Lisa Shafer said...

I got the tree up today! Big accomplishment. Now I have to wrap all the gifts to send out. Whew.