Thursday, October 8, 2015

let the weekend begin

It's sort of a nasty way to get a three day weekend, but I have tomorrow off. Like most of us who turn 50, our doctor prescribes a "procedure" that takes place every 10 years, if you are fortunate. Tomorrow is my turn. Lovely.

I'm hoping I'm home by noon-ish, feeling not too bad, and can enjoy the afternoon and the rest of the weekend.

I have downloaded several books to my Nook as I figure I will be confined to quarters this afternoon and evening.

In other news, I need to bake a loaf of bread for church on Sunday. The new priest instituted a 'welcome bread' deal for new parish families. I volunteered to be on the bread committee. Easy enough and it enabled me to go forth and purchase pretty autumn ribbon to decorate the loaf! I'm thinking zucchini bread or banana bread. Have to see what I have in the freezer.

Okay. Off I go! and go, and go, and go..........starting this afternoon. lol

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