Thursday, March 26, 2015

day 4

My morning routine at the flat was pretty similar to my routine at home. Wake at 5ish, make the first pot of coffee, do some reading (the tour books instead of the paper), wake the hubby, have breakfast, get ready, and out the door we go.

Our first stop on day four was Churchill's War Rooms. Part of the Imperial War Museum, this underground bunker was where the British military commanders planned their attacks, decoded messages, and endured the blitz. The rooms are furnishes as they were during the war years. You can see Mrs. Churchill's room along with the rooms and office of her husband, and all the generals. You can see the typist pool room, the map room, and so many others including the tiny kitchen. At the back of the space is the museum dedicated to Churchill. Exploring his life from childhood to his death, that part of the museum is just as fascinating.

We spent 3 hours down there, realized time had slipped away from us, and headed off for the tube station to zip across town to find our girl's office and meet her for lunch.

She works off of High Holburn Street in an office that faces Lincoln Inn Fields, yet another one of the pretty parks in the middle of a square of houses/buildings. We had a nice Thai meal for lunch and then she went back to work and we went back to tour the Abbey.

I could write pages on Westminster Abbey. It was wonderful to be able to visit it again as things had changed. The throne no longer has the stone under it as the stone was returned to Scotland. The throne is also now behind glass in its own room. Wasn't like that in the 1980s. They also charge now to tour, something I don't believe they did on my first visit.

The graves and effigies and architecture and art are all just as stunning as I remembered. I get chills standing alongside Elizabeth I and her sister Mary's tomb. Across the chapel lies Mary, Queen of Scots. Walking through poet's corner is always amazing. Seeing so many graves/tombs of kings and queens I have studied and read about over the years is incredible.

We took our time through the Abbey and by the late afternoon were ready for a break. We wandered into the Cellarium and found it was now a cafe. We nabbed a table and enjoyed a lovely break. I had cream tea and hubby had an espresso. The cream teas was served on lovely china, was absolutely delicious, and truth be told, was probably my favorite thing I ate on the whole trip. It was delightful.

We found our way back to the tube stop and went back to the flat. For dinner we met with our girl again and enjoyed a nice meal at an Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. Wonderful! We then made our way to the London Eye and as it was late, encountered no lines, got on a pod and took the half hour journey around. London at night sparkles. Very, very fun!

By the time we were back at our flat, we could barely walk another step, but we had a full day ahead of us on Tuesday and were ready to tackle the Tower, St. Paul's, and the Millennium Bridge!

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